• Conor Dennehy
    Research Analyst, O2 Environmental
    Know-how: Technology, Green Technology, Technical Consulting
  • Mark Tonkin
    R&D Director, Design Technology & Innovation Ltd
    Know-how: Saline Water Irrigation
  • Dominique Demessence
    CEO and President, Utility Service Group
    Know-how: Environment, Funding Partnerships, Global Management, Solutions & Services, Water & Wastewater
  • Shawn Brown
    Director Research, Development, & Innovation and Biological Center of Excellence, Parkson
    Know-how: Treatment, Flocculation, Sand Filter, Aeration, Sludge Separation
  • Danielle Adams
    Meeting / Event Planner , KCA
    Know-how: Event Planning & Management
  • Pat Curran
    CEO, Atlantis Technologies
    Know-how: Flocculation, Capacitive Deionization
  • Jeffrey Mendelssohn
    Vice President, Porifera, Inc.
    Know-how: Membranes
  • Philip Rolchigo
    Vice President of Technology, Pentair Water
    Know-how: Membranes
  • Eva Davies
    Water Technology Market Analyst, O2 Environmental Inc.
    Know-how: Event Management
  • Bill de Waal
    Director Innovation Management, Trojan Technologies
    Know-how: Oxidation, Ultraviolet, Innovation, Sludge Separation

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