True North Ventures

True North Venture Partners invests in and supports early stage businesses that have the potential to transform, expand and lead global industries. We are focused on industries such as energy, water, agriculture and waste, where the need for disruptive innovation is great and the challenges faced by entrepreneurs are daunting. Our goal is to identify exceptionally talented entrepreneurs with the vision, drive and business potential to significantly improve the world and help them realize their dreams by providing capital and expertise.

Water Remediation Technologies

The Water Network

NORAM Engineering

Since 1988, we have built a global reputation for innovation and excellence in the supply of proprietary engineering and equipment packages to the chemical, pulp and paper, minerals processing and electrochemical sectors. Our six specialized business groups have completed capital projects on five continents. We are recognized worldwide as a leader in the fields of nitration, sulfuric acid and electrochemistry.
In addition to carrying out large assignments for major multi-national clients and municipalities, NORAM works with early-stage technology companies. We provide engineering design and fabrication support, sharing our experience in technology commercialization, and growing with the company as a strategic stakeholder.


Grundfos is the global leader in pumps, pump systems and advanced technologies. Because we allocate 5% of the annual revenue to R&D every year the objective is not only the development of advanced technologies, but also what the technologies can do to provide clients and users with the best possible operating economy, quality, reliability, and functionality.
Continuous improvements are essential, but by no means sufficient for us when developing new products, solutions and technologies. We must be forward-looking, introduce radically new thoughts and develop completely new concepts which can provide dramatic improvements. One such concept is the establishment of the Grundfos Water Technology Center.
Located in Fresno, Calif. the center offers space and access to Grundfos research and technology resources for research, academic institutions and small start-up companies to gather, share and further the knowledge and understanding of clean technologies and water efficiency. The WTC aspires to be the catalyst in creating new sustainable business and technical solutions to the world’s escalating water challenges.
Grundfos takes a long term perspective in providing sustainable technological solutions and platforms to these challenges and aims to create the critical water technology link between research and business development – from academic institutions to the end-user. Not only is it good business, but it is also what we have to do to move the industry forward


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